Where Now For United?

Where Now For United?
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By Andy Jones

  • Are Manchester United being left behind?

On the day that our noisy neighbours blew deadline day out of the water despite not signing any players, breaking the internet with the announcement of Pep Guardiola as manager.

Manchester United’s twitter feed was understandably quiet, not even the announcement of a new sponsorship deal.

United fans had seen this coming, with the Guardiola deal being one of the worst kept secrets in football, despite reds fans clinging on the the vain hope that he might come over to the red side of Manchester.

So where does that leave the club once Louis Van Gaal’s reign comes to an end, be it at the end of the season or his current contract. The club have missed out on Klopp and Pep, and seemingly don’t want to go for Mourinho, despite the ‘special one’ making strong overtures about the Old Trafford hot seat.

There are few options left, all the signs point towards Giggs being given the job, but surely this is a huge risk to give it to a man with no managerial experience of top flight football.

Its a decision based on a romantic notion that the most decorated player in the clubs history will lead the club back to the top of the pile, Roy of the Rovers style, but football has changed.

Arsene Wenger is the last of a dying breed, managers rarely last for more than 3 to 4 seasons at the top clubs, we will never see a reign like the one of Sir Alex Ferguson ever again.

For years we have laughed and sneered at City, while we cleaned up trophies on the domestic front and competed at the highest level in Europe, City were seen as the comedy club, but slowly they have been working hard behind the scenes.

They seem to have an owner and boardroom with a clear direction, they have invested heavily in the infrastructure of the club, getting things right while we sell the club brand out to any global partner willing to pay top dollar.

We have more official global partners than top players these days, all the time while we hear stories of the Academy being neglected.

There is a need for a complete overhaul of the club, or there is the real danger we’ll become everything we laugh at Liverpool for, living on past glories, and every season declaring that this is “our year”.

The club has a scatter gun approach in the transfer market, something Gary Cook was ridiculed for at City, we are never going to sign Bale, Messi, Neymar or even Ramos, yet clubs like Leicester and West Ham are signing top players like Mahrez and Payet.

We cannot continue to do things the “Manchester United” way, because that is what we have always done, we are paying the price for years of underinvestment in all areas.

You only have to look at the world of business to see that those that stand still get left behind, look at Woolworths and HMV, left behind by online trading. Manchester United, the Woolworths of football, doesn’t sound great does it!

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