What Is The Price of Football?

Price Of Football

By Andy Hyslop

  • BBC Sport have released a study into the price of football across the UK
  • The largest study of its type in Europe
  • Looking at cost a 227 club across 13 UK Leagues

BBC Sport study into the price of football in the UK. Looks at everything from the cost of pies and a cup of tea to match tickets and season tickets.

The study found that the majority of football fans around the UK are paying the same or less for their tickets, this season compared to last.

Premier League Ticket Prices

70% of the ticket prices analysed for this study were either frozen or reduced. With 18% of those tickets being reduced. Two-thirds of Premier League clubs have either reduced or frozen their match ticket prices.

The cheapest match-day ticket in England’s top flight is now £30 on average. The first time the average price has reached this much after 11 clubs put up their cheapest tickets.

Premier League
Premier League

The most expensive match-ticket in the Premier League, is once again at Arsenal. This will set you back £97.

Whilst if you buy the cheapest match-day ticket in the Premier League, you will find yourself watching Leicester City. This will cost you £22.

If you want to go to Stamford Bridge to see Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, this will set you back at least £52 just for the match ticket.

The least expensive season-ticket in the Premier League, comes at Stoke City. This would cost you £294. Whilst if you want a season-ticket at Arsenal this cost you between £1,014 and £2,013. Meaning their cheapest season-ticket is more expensive than 18 of the Premier League club’s top prices for a season-ticket.

The Cost For A United Fan

Manchester United have froze their ticket prices for the last few seasons. Along with the majority of Premier League clubs. A season-ticket at Old Trafford will cost you between £532 and £950 according to the study. While the match-day tickets range from £31 to £58.

The season-ticket price shown only covers Premier League home games. You have to pay extra for any home cup games and have the option of opting out of League Cup games. But if you so this harms any hopes you might have of getting a Cup final ticket. If United made it to one.

I have a season-ticket at Old Trafford and pay around £730, this works out at £37 per match and therefore that’s what I pay for any Champions League, FA Cup or League Cup home games. So successful season United in the cup competitions could set me back another few hundred pounds.

I am lucky in the fact that I live quite close to the ground and only need to get the train and the tram to the ground on match-days. Which costs me around £6. Then normally have a few drinks the pub near the ground. But many fans travel from all around the country to watch their teams.

If you want to purchase the United replica kits, this will set you back £60 for adults or £45 for juniors. That’s just for the shirt. If you have young children, it’s likely that they will want the full kit and probably want the name and number of their current favourite player on it. This would set you back well over £100.

These days they seem to be changing the kit every year, and not just one but all three. I remember the days when they used to the kit every two years.

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