United Legend Boots To Be Preserved By National Football Museum

By Andy Hyslop

  • Boots worn by George Best to be preserved like ancient relics by National Football Museum
  • The special treatment is to ensure future generations will be able to see the boots

A pair of boots worn by United legend George Best whilst playing for his country Northern Ireland in 1976 are set to receive special treatment in order to preserve them for future generations.

The black and green boots with plastic soles are understood to have started to deteriorate because they were originally put away while wet. While soil stuck to the soles has accelerated the decay.

The boots will receive the special treatment to ensure they don’t fall apart. They will receive the same treatment that ancient artifacts dug up at archaeological digs get in order to preserve them for future generations to see.

The National Football Museum based in Manchester, will foot the bill to ensure Best’s 39 year-old Adidas Milano will be around for future generations of football fans to see.

The museum has been loaned by the boots by their owner, who bought them at a private auction and live in France. The cost of the this treatment is estimated at £3,000 and will take around 80 hours to complete.

Conservator Gabrielle Flexer, the project leader, said:

This may seem like a lot of work for a pair of football boots but in centuries to come they could be viewed with the amazement that a Roman soldier’s sandal is today.

The boots were just kept in a box in a loft. The soles have now dried, cracked and fallen off.

The very early plastics hold within them the source of their own destruction. The longer they survive, the more they deteriorate.

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