Why United Should Forget About Signing Gareth Bale

By Adam Hern

  • Bale may arrive at Old Trafford one day but not for a while
  • United need to switch targets for now

Gareth Bale has long been linked with a moved to Manchester United. They tried to get him as a teenager before he moved to Tottenham, then again tried to sign him from Tottenham but the deal had been agreed with Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale Won’t Be Coming To Old Trafford For Now

Gareth Bale is not coming to Manchester United. He doesn’t want to come. His club don’t want to sell him. Move on. Despite how strongly Real Madrid and Bale himself keep emphasising this, United keep bidding for him. They have deluded themselves into genuinely believing that there is a chance of him joining this summer.

Undoubtedly there will be a time where fans will be seeing the Welshman donning the famous red jersey. It is very rare for a Real player, even the long standing legends such as Raul and Iker Casillas, to finish their career in Madrid. This is a reason why Manchester United are a bigger club than Real Madrid. United stay loyal to their long serving players whilst remaining successful no matter what.

Bale and his team chased and worked so hard for his move to Spain that he isn’t going to exit after just two seasons. He’s not unhappy in Spain despite all the abuse from his own supporters. There will be a time in the maybe not too distant future where he has a hankering for home and the British comforts.

That time is not now. He has just had to move his family to a foreign country and adapt to a new way of life. It would have taken a while to adapt to their surroundings, so to just give up and return home already just doesn’t make sense. As Bale swims in his outdoor pool in his multimillion pound villa in La Finca in the glorious sunshine, it is difficult to imagine him wanting to move back to Britain just yet.

Gareth Bale Home
Gareth Bale’s home in Spain

For the second year in a row, Louis van Gaal and Ed Woodward have focused on getting their attacking options fully sorted. Nothing wrong with that. But to waste their time thinking that chasing Bale when clearly he isn’t going to be joining is going to be enough to lure him to the red side of Manchester is bordering on the verge of delusion.

A new centre back should have been made priority and sorted by now, but it has been left to linger until the season kicks off. The pursuit of Bale isn’t going to come to fruition. Not for £100 million. Not for £120 million. Mats Hummels for £30 million might have paid off if the club had acted sooner. Waste of time bids for a player who will not be sold just yet will not happen and distracts from where the team’s biggest cause for concern actually is.

It has been an exceptional transfer window for Manchester United so far in regards to incoming players. This situation with Bale looks as though it may just undo all of the good work that took place in order to sign the likes of Memphis Depay.

There is no doubting Manchester United are able to compete for the very best players. United fans aren’t deluded in believing this. They have the funds to do so, especially as the record breaking kit deal with Adidas has kicked in. The fact that Gareth Bale is one of Adidas’s biggest names may aide Manchester United’s pursuit of Bale in the future.

We all know that Bale is at the elite level of football player. He is up there with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar. Every team in the world, even Barcelona, would find space to accommodate him in their first team.

He can do things that not many other players can do. The way he can pick the ball up and use his speed and power to find space for himself is unlike any other player in the world. We have already seen how suited he is for the Premier League.

The concept of United one day signing him isn’t far-fetched at all. But for the time being please forget about it. Gareth Bale is a Real Madrid player and will continue to be so. For now.

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