Zlatan’s Trial By Media

By Andy Jones

  • Both Ibrahimovic and Tyrone Mings charged by the FA

Following Zlatan’s FA Charge for elbowing Tyrone Mings. It’s worth focusing on the fact that since the running feud between Zlatan and Mings on Saturday. The press have curiously toned down the Bournemouth players role in the whole affair.

He now seems to be the victim, everything focused on the elbow which Zlatan dished out. The back pages of the press (if you’re one of the few that actually still bothers to read them), the pundits (in the loosest sense of the word) on Match Of The Day and the professional journalists who pretend to know anything about football on Sunday Supplement.

There was a common theme, it couldn’t be ‘proven’ that Mings meant to stamp on Zlatan’s head, but Ibrahimović “definitely” meant to elbow him.

Danny Murphy, even managed to backtrack from his initial post match remarks that it was a stamp, to saying that Mings probably didn’t mean to “tread” on Zlatan’s head.

Possibly the most sense was spoken by Thierry Henry and Jamie Carragher. Who rightly said, that if someone stamped on their head, they’d certainly do something about it.

There are even some reporters now claiming that there was an initial attempted stamp by Zlatan as he collided with Rooney on the edge of the area. Quite incredible.

Even with the most rose-tinted glasses on, you’d expect Zlatan to get at least a 3 match ban. But I doubt the anti United brigade will be happy with anything less than 5 matches, plus an additional 3 matches for Evra.

Potentially the worst case scenario for reds fans would be if the FA panel find Mings innocent, as they couldn’t prove he deliberately meant to stamp on Zlatan, but hand the Swede a ban.

Surely if they cant prove one then the same applies to the other. All parties involved, probably prompted by both clubs managers and PR team were quick to play down the whole incident. Hoping it might throw the FA off the scent.

However, as any ardent United fan knows, the FA love to get their pound of flesh from United.

You only have to look at past inconsistencies, Rooney being banned for swearing into a camera, despite the fact that you can clearly see players swearing at referees all match.

Paul Scholes receiving a ban for a red card in a pre-season match. Despite a precedent being set the previous year, when Steve Gerrard committed the same offence.

Most recently Jose Mourinho getting a touchline ban for kicking a water bottle.

If Ibrahimović gets a 3 game ban, he will miss the FA Cup game away at Chelsea. Plus the league games against West Brom and Middlesbrough.

Not the end of the world, as he’d be fresh for the Europa League. It just means some of our other attacking players will have to step up to the plate.

Something they don’t seem so adept at lately.

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