Transfer Rumours: Could Ronaldo Return To Manchester United

By Adam Hern

  • Is Ronaldo happy with his lot in Madrid?
  • Would Ronaldo really return to rainy Manchester?

Will he? Won’t he? Is it true? Is it happening? All questions that Manchester United supporters ask in seemingly every transfer window in their millions. So, is Cristiano Ronaldo coming home?

Cristiano Ronaldo is adored at Old Trafford. Six years after leaving for a world record transfer fee, United fans still chant his name at most home matches. The story of the way he arrived from Portugal as a scrawny teenager before developing into a world idol has been told over and over again. At Real Madrid, Ronaldo has scored goal after goal. He’s won many a personal accolade. He has won the Champions League; albeit only one league title in this time as well.

Yet he has never seemed fully satisfied in Spain. A sparkle in his eye that he used to have during his time at Manchester United is no longer apparent. Perhaps the constant change of head coaches might mean he lacks a so called ‘father figure’ type character like Sir Alex Ferguson was. Ronaldo stated how much he was desperate for Carlo Ancelotti to remain his boss.

Ronaldo could help United challenge for top honours again
Could a return for Ronaldo see United challenging for the top honours again

The club ignored his wishes and moved on to pastures new with Ferguson’s nemesis Rafa Benitez. With all of this chopping and changing, maybe it is time for another move for Ronaldo and a move back to the North West of England. It is well documented that Manchester may not be as glamorous in places as Paris, should he move to PSG.

Would Louis Van Gaal Want Ronaldo In His Team?

Would Louis van Gaal want Ronaldo if he was to become available? Would he heck. Every team in the world wants him. You don’t become the best player in the world for no reason. Nor do you say no to the best player in the world if you can afford him. I think Ed Woodward has proven that Manchester United have money to spend.

Especially if they sell flop Angel Di Maria for £50 million. Very few clubs can pick any player and meet the asking price for that player. It is not a ground breaking statement to suggest that Manchester United are one of those clubs.

The rumours are starting. The Russian sport newspaper editors and bored Daily Mirror journalists are saying it. It is so difficult to suggest whether there is any truth in what they are saying. United are linked to so many players. But not every player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is a common saying that this time of year is silly season in the world of football. There are many matches at this time of year. They are however just friendly matches so newspapers and websites need some more material in order to fill up some space.

Again, this is common knowledge. You can’t believe everything you see or hear, unless it is from an official source, such as a club’s website. As the most talked about football player in the world, Ronaldo is bound to be mentioned in regards to a transfer.

There is no point me even trying to come up with a new argument as to why Ronaldo is so good. You all know who Ronaldo is. You all know what Ronaldo is about. Will he come back to the club? That is the question.

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