Wayne Rooney – Is It A Case Of Too Much Too Young?

Too Much Too Young

By Andy Jones

  • Is Wayne Rooney reaching the end?
  • 10 games since he scored for Manchester United
  • His last goal coming on April 4 in 3-1 win over Aston Villa at Old Trafford

So what’s happened to our Wayne? A questionable first touch, hardly any chances in the opponents penalty area, and a barren spell now stretching to 10 games. There wouldn’t be much concern if he was putting in some great performances, but was just not getting the luck in front of goal, but the performances have been just as bad.

The days of Rooney, power, pace and aggression are long gone. He cuts a forlorn figure up front, drifting deeper to get involved, but leaving a huge hole up front where a striker should be. He’s not cute enough to be a number 10, nor does he posses the passing ability of the likes of Mata or Hererra, so where does that leave him?

Louis Van Gaal refuses to acknowledge that we need another striker, but the stats (whether you like them or not) refuse to lie. Rooney is a player in decline. Fergie noticed this, and it was all teed up, all Moyes had to do was hit the winning run, but he couldn’t even do that. Instead he lavished Rooney with a ridiculous contract, meaning no other club would touch him for the foreseeable future.

Rooney also seems to get an easy ride in the press, being England’s great hope, his performances are overlooked. Instead excuses are rolled out, last season he was shunted around, playing out wide, behind the striker or laughably in midfield. This season he is up front, a position where he had previously flourished for United, bagging 34 goals in 44 games in 09/10 and the same again in 11/12, yet one journalist claims LVG has hung him out to dry playing him up front on his own!?

So what is the solution. Clearly he is never going to be a Giggs or a Sheringham, playing late into his thirties, his genetic make up will see to that, just look at his parents. Nor does he dedicate himself in the way that Ronaldo does. Perhaps a career total of 665 games for club and country has taken its toll, hitting the big time at the age of 16.

The sad truth is that he is on a rapid decline, yes he will probably break Bobby Charltons goal scoring record, but he’ll limp over the line rather than smashing it. I’m not a Rooney hater, on his day, he gave us some brilliant performances, but those days are now few and far between, and his automatic inclusion, and lack of any real competition for a place is to the detriment of the team, which is why, along with many United fans feel we need reinforcements in the last remaining days of the transfer window are urgently needed, whether Woodward can pull it off remains to be seen.

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