Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices
Old Trafford Seating Plan and Ticket Prices For League And Cup Games

As a Manchester United season ticket holder, I’m more than happy to just pay for Premier League games as part of my season ticket and then pay extra for any home cup games. I think this is good because for example you could pay extra at the start of the season for cup games and you may not have any cup games at home in the season. As we have seen this year, we no European games to pay for and were drawn away to MK Dons in our first round in the League Cup and as we know we got knocked and don’t need to speak about that game.

So far in the Fa Cup we have been drawn away to Yeovil and then Cambridge and as long as we beat Cambridge United in the replay we will travel to Preston or Sheffield United.

Looking at the Adult prices for all Manchester United league and cup games you can pay between £31 and £53 for any extra cup games you have to pay, surely for this game against a League Two opponent they could put these prices down to between £20 and £35. While if we look at the over 65s and 16-17 year old tickets, you are looking at between £23 an £17. In my view these could be reduced to between £10 and £15. Now for the 18-20 year olds tickets they are looking at between £24 and £40, these could be reduced to between £15 and £30. Any child under the age of 16 will be charged £13, these could be reduced to £5.

Surely with reductions like this the club will have a better chance of filling Old Trafford for this game, in all honesty without applying any reductions the ground will probably only have around 55,000 in it, 20,000 short of capacity. I would be very surprised if there is much more than that inside the ground next Tuesday. This is the sort of game a parent with a couple of children may be looking at to take their kids to their first game at Old Trafford. If we say a father with two young children is looking to take his kids to this game. Let’s say he is looking at getting tickets in the east stand, it would be either £31 or £40 and they say his two children at £13 each. It would cost him either £57 or £66 and that’s just for match tickets. They may also have to pay for transport to the ground and any food or drink they may have to buy on the night.

Cambridge United fans are also being charged the pretty much the same as the United fans because Manchester United set their prices. Cambridge have been given up to 8,000 tickets and you would think that the majority of the Cambridge fans that travel to Old Trafford will also have gone to the first game at The Abbey Stadium. Cambridge United have provided coach travel for their fans and have offered this at a reduced rate.

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3 Comments on Ticket Prices

  1. It’s difficult to get to see games unless you are happy to throw money at the problem!

    I’ve only been to old trafford once but am a life long fan. that trip took about 3 months of saving!

  2. I personally think that the most anyone should pay is £25-30. £10 for under 16’s. Also that bit about ticket being suspended for next game,surely is blackmail.I love the club, but these prices take the piss.

  3. It hurts me to say it but Shitty have got the right idea. they reduced their price for the boro game by quite a lot.
    I think it’s just another indication that clubs, ours included are distancing their selves and don’t actually need their fans, although they will never say this. Ok, the money taken on the gate each week might be huge. But year by year the television money dwarves that taken at the turnstiles. This is the main reason many clubs attendances have dropped over the last few years, because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper to watch it at home. UNITED are an exception, as old Trafford is still full week on week. Will it be like this forever? probably not.

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