Solo Red, United with All

Ever since I started being able to follow Manchester United (I would have said followed, but I think it’s clear I was born a Red and just didn’t know it yet), it’s been a quite singular following. During high school, I’d watch the games with my dad at home, it became our routine. In college, none of my teammates were out and out supporters, and my close friends weren’t into soccer at all really. But I was okay with all this. Sidenote: I did finally get a couple of my close friends into it though, but unfortunately one likes the wrong side of Manchester (the derby win was nice to cheer in his face) and the other supports Tottenham (that 3-0 win sure was fun to watch with him lol). I enjoyed the early mornings to myself, opening up my laptop and streaming the games. Those times, alone in my dorm room, were shared with millions around the world, watching the same game I was watching, bleeding red. I’d scream, I’d shout, get told by my floor to shut up, and do it all again. I didn’t need to go to a bar or find a fan club near school to feel apart of something. The way I watch, the way I give my heart to the team, to the game, makes me feel connected. I do the same now that I’m out of school, though now I at least get to watch on television. One day I will travel to England and make my way into Old Trafford. I will sing and jump and scream with the home supporters. For now though, I enjoy my silent stadium.
Speaking of seeing Manchester United play live, I have only done so once, with my brother, when they played at Philadelphia Union in the summer of 2010. Unfortunately we were a bit high up and not too close to the action, but it didn’t matter at the time because I was finally seeing Manchester United play in person, something I’d only dreamt of. It didn’t matter if the main stars didn’t play, or some weren’t even there, it was still Manchester United. So when the US Tour was confirmed again for this upcoming season (as well as last), I couldn’t wait to see where they’d be playing. I saw Red Bull Arena would be hosting a few games of the ICC and my hopes heightened. Sadly though, United won’t be coming to the East Coast. But I keep my hopes high that next year will be the year they do. Even if they don’t though, I have a feeling they will soon as the US does appear to be a favorite preseason destination for the men in red.

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