Opinion: Why Signing Schweinsteiger Will Benefit United Young Guns

Signing Schweinsteiger Will Benefit United Young Guns

By Adam Hern

  • His winning mentality will rub off on the younger generation at Old Trafford
  • They will benefit from not just his football knowhow but also his life experience

The signing of Bastian Schweinsteiger could be crucial one for years to come, he has experienced everything that a player can in the game.

Bastian Schweinsteiger has many positive attributes. His range of passing is phenomenal. He is a fierce tackler in midfield which is something that every top club in the world needs. There is no better player in the world for turning defence into attack in the blink of an eye. But perhaps the most important attribute is all the experience that he can share with the younger generation of Manchester United players.

Experienced heads who have won trophy after trophy such as Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata have spoken about being in awe with the signing of the German captain. The presence of having someone so experienced and calm can only be a positive thing for the club. If the top players are influenced so much by training with Schweinsteiger on a daily basis, imagine being a younger player such as Adnan Januzaj in the team and looking over to see such a stalwart of world football playing a one-two with you.

You are only going to be eager to impress. When someone has the medal collection and accolades that Schweinsteiger possesses, then it is only going to make you hungry to match his achievements. For footballers most things come second to money. Yet one thing that does surpass anything that money is able to bring is the honour winning the World Cup. Knowing that you are playing alongside players who have won the pinnacle of world football will only make anyone hungry to achieve similar success at both club and international level.

One thing that is going to be incredibly exciting will be the day that Bastian Schweinsteiger and Andreas Pereira are both on the pitch together in the centre of midfield. To be able to have Pereira nurtured by one of the best midfielders of his generation is only going to improve the Brazilian no end. The tips Schweinsteiger will be able to pass on to his young fellow midfielder will only benefit all parties. Often young footballers seem unsure and hesitant when deciding whether or not to play a short pass or a long ball.

As a midfielder it is sometimes best to play your way out of trouble in order to start a counter attack. Other times it is best just to clear your lines to help your defenders regroup as a unit. What you will not find is Schweinsteiger making the incorrect choice on most occasions and giving the ball away needlessly. He is such an intelligent and experienced figure, that the tips he will be able to pass on to the likes of Pereira and any other emerging midfielders are going to be absolutely spot on. He knows what is best to do in pressurized situations and this is not a trait that comes naturally to all young players.

The signing of Schweinsteiger sent shockwaves around world football. People had made the presumption that he was going to stay with Bayern Munich for his whole career. Although a few niggling injuries somewhat blighted his career under Pep Guardiola, he was still a major cog in the team. Bayern put up such a big fight to keep him but in the end the lure of Manchester United was too great for the player.

It is nigh on impossible to go to a club a notch above Bayern Munich. The name Manchester United on the other hand is one of the very few clubs that can possibly be called a step up from the perennial German champions. Any other top player in world football thinking of moving to Manchester United will see the signing of Schweinsteiger and realise that the dark days of the David Moyes era ended in a blink and United are now the number one club to join.

Seeing such a legend decide that Manchester United is the place he wants to be will only prove a catalyst for other top players to come to the club. It obviously doesn’t totally surprise people when they see Manchester United sign a world class player.

The arrival of Schweinsteiger will only entice the very best to join him in the North West. If United were to sign the likes of Thomas Muller or Gareth bale in the not too distant future, then we can be rest assured that a major part of their thinking was knowing that Bastian Schweinsteiger was going to be a teammate of theirs. Football is about attracting the top talent and this is proof that Manchester United have the ability to do just that.

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