Sacking Van Gaal Is The Worst Thing United Could Do

Sacking Van Gaal

By Andy Hyslop

  • United’s exit from the Champions League has renewed calls from some fans for Louis Van Gaal to be sacked
  • If the United board decide to sack Van Gaal, its the worst thing they could do

Manchester United fans are calling for the head of manager Louis Van Gaal after last night’s exit from the Champions League, but that is the worst thing the United board could do.

Of course we all feel frustration with the way Manchester United have been playing and the anger when United get knocked out of a competition like the Champions League. Sacking Van Gaal is not the answer.

When Louis Van Gaal was appointed at the start of last season, his objective was to re-shape the Manchester United squad and get United back into the Champions League. He achieved the aim of a return to Champions League football and still re-shaping the squad he took over.

We acknowledge that Manchester United aren’t playing the attacking football of old but that isn’t a new thing under Van Gaal. In the last few seasons under Sir Alex Ferguson the football wasn’t the best but United were still challenging for the major honours so a lot of people ignore this.

It frustrates when I hear fans calling for Van Gaal to be replaced with Giggs, Guardiola or even Ancelotti. Ryan Giggs is a club legend but why do people think he will be the manager Manchester United need right now.

Sure it would be a dream if Giggs took over from Van Gaal and United suddenly started playing attacking free-flowing football but that wouldn’t happen.

In my opinion Giggs would continue to play the same football as Van Gaal, which at the moment is dominating games in the Premier League at least. United are just missing something special in the attacking areas.

I don’t dispute that Guardiola and Ancelotti are two of the very best managers currently out there but for me they both managers/coaches that look to take over a club that is ready to challenge for the major honours.

Van Gaal is half-way through his three-year plan of returning United to the top of the game. If you ask those associated with both Barcelona and Bayern Munch, they will tell you that Van Gaal is the reason they are where they are today.

Van Gaal is currently building a young squad that doesn’t have the required experience in European competition to make their mark in the Champions League. They will learn from last night’s exit and come back stronger.

Van Gaal probably won’t be around to enjoy the fruits of his labour because he promised his wife he would retire after three seasons with United and it’s going take at least that length of time to see United as one of the top teams in Europe once again.

He will do his three seasons at Old Trafford and then go off into the sunset and someone else will take credit for the work he is doing and will continue to do for Manchester United.

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