Robin Van Persie’s Shock At Sir Alex’s Retirement

I think we can all say we were shocked when Sir Alex Ferguson announced his decision to retire at the end of the 2012-13 season. We still don’t know exactly when the players were told about Sir Alex Ferguson decision to retire from his position as Manager of Manchester United. We don’t if the players knew before the reports came out that Sir Alex would be retiring or were they told because the reports came out.

It appears Robin Van Persie was affected more than anyone by Sir Alex’s decision to retire. Robin Van Persie joined Manchester United in August 2012 from Arsenal for £24million. I think one of the main reasons why Robin wanted to Manchester United was to play for the greatest managers in English league history. Robin clearly wanted to win trophies and was the reason why he chose to join Manchester United over Manchester City even though Manchester City had just won the Premier League for the first time. He chose Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson due to their history of winning trophies in the previous twenty years.

Van Persie joins Man Utd

Robin’s first season at Manchester United was a huge success. He played 38 games and scored 26 goals in the Premier League as he helped Manchester United win the Premier League trophy back from Manchester United. This was the 13th time Manchester United had won the Premier League and the 20th time they had won the English League Title. Robin finished this as the Golden Boot winner for the Premier League.

Robin-Van-Persie-with-Golden-Boot 2012-13

Although he did suffer an 11 game goal drought in all competitions towards the end of this season. He scored in a home game against Everton on February 10th 2013 but then he didn’t score until the game against Stoke away on April 14th 2013. This goal came from the penalty spot. During in this drought I felt that Van Persie was looking tired but could it just have been the fact that he knew Sir Alex was retiring and it had hit him for 6. His reaction after scoring the goal by running over to Sir Alex to hug him shows that Robin wanted to show his appreciation to Sir Alex for signing him and helping him win his first major trophy. So the players either knew by this time that Sir Alex was retiring or Robin just thought it was the start of winning many trophies with Manchester United and Sir Alex.

Robin + Fergie

Manchester United’s in house tv channel MUTV aired an interview with Rio Ferdinand this week where he revealed the players really were shocked that Sir Alex was going to retire at the end of the 2012-13 season. He said it took the wind out of the players sails. He revealed the person it hit the most was Robin Van Persie.

    He’d come the year before, tasted that success and wanted more.

Visually you could see it hit him harder than anyone else at the time.’

So was this the reason why Robin didn’t seem to be happy last season when playing for David Moyes. He had a few injuries in this season and even when he did play he didn’t seem to playing at 100%. Was this really because he was still in shock about Sir Alex’s decision to retire. Robin was quoted last year talking about Sir Alex’s retirement.

‘I had to gasp for breath and I shook my head. Had he really said what I thought he’d said?

So has Robin got over Sir Alex’s decision to retire?

I don’t believe he has yet, I think he may be thinking I came to this club to win trophies under one the greatest ever managers and he only got to play under him for one season. To me he still doesn’t look like hes playing at 100% judging on his performances at the World Cup and so far this season for Manchester United.

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