Real Deflecting Attention From Their Clumsiness This Summer

Real Deflecting Attention From Their Clumsiness This Summer

By Andy Hyslop

  • Real President Florentino Pérez has once again placed the blame on United for collapse of De Gea transfer
  • United have once again hit back with their own statement.

Real President Florentino Pérez gave an interview last night on Spanish radio station Cadena SER, in which he once blames Manchester United for the collapse of David De Gea transfer from Manchester to Madrid.

In the interview he claimed that Real waited until the final day of the window to make an offer for De Gea because they couldn’t leave him stranded. Going on to blame the collapse of the transfer on United’s inexperience in dealing with type of deals.

Pérez claims Real are a club that don’t go after players that aren’t for sale. They won’t talk to clubs that don’t want to talk to them. I don’t believe for second that anyone believes Pérez when he says this. They may not talk to the club but they do get the player to kick up a fuss and get there man in end. It’s clear to me that De Gea wasn’t willing to do this at United, that is why Madrid have waited until the last minute to make their move official.

Read the full interview transcript at AS online

Manchester United have once again hit back at the claims of Real and Pérez, stating that the facts are there for everyone to see. United offered to help Real with any appeal for the transfer to go through. Claiming that FA back United in their claims that they sent the documents in time. Manchester United believe that Real are just trying to deflect attention from their clumsiness this summer.

A Manchester United spokesman has said the following, using a goalkeeping analogy:

We all like to blame others but if you let one slip through your fingers into the back of the net, then ultimately the culpability is yours

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