Mourinho’s first press conference: Talking points

Mourinho's first press conference: Talking points

By Andy Hyslop

  • Jose Mourinho faced the press for the first time as Manchester United manager
  • Jose defends youth record
  • Talks about departure of Ryan Giggs

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho faced the press for the first time since the club confirmed his appointment as successor to Louis Van Gaal.

The first question Jose was asked was you’ve been the Special One and the Happy One, what are you now?

I don’t know. The other two times I was arriving at the country, this is a different one. I was sacked by Chelsea and then I stayed in the same country and the same country with the same faces. This is nothing new. I have arrived into a club that is difficult to describe… I don’t like the nomination that this is the dream job. This is reality and the reality is that this is the job that everyone wants.

Transfer Plans

Manchester United have confirmed the signings of Eric Bailly and Zlatan Ibrahimović. While Henrikh Mkhitaryan looks set to be confirmed as a United player in the coming days.

Jose was asked does he believe that he needs to adds any more players to the squad. Jose says he had identified four positions where he needs to add players to the squad balance.

With two confirmed and one very close to being confirmed. Jose goes on to say that he likes players that specialise in their positions and are not multi-functional players.

So with three signings all but confirmed. Jose and United still have one more target to chase. The club are working hard to bring that fourth target in.

Pep Rivalry

Asked about the renewing his rivalry with Pep Guardiola. Jose says that to speak about one manager, one club is wrong.

He goes on to say that when your in a competition like Spain or Italy, there are only one or two teams competing with you for the title but the Premier League is different.

To focus on one team or one rival in the Premier League is wrong. He says he is Manchester United manager and respects all the other clubs in the country.

Defends Youth Record

This question was bound to come and Jose was prepared for it. Mourinho asked how long was left in the press conference and was told five minutes. he said I need ten minutes to answer that.

He went through his notepad and said that he had a list of 49 players that he has promoted from youth academies.

You promote youth either because you have a lot of injuries and another factor is that your not playing for the big prizes it is easier.

He says he has never promoted youth talent because of need. so he’s basically saying if they are good they will get a chance. Let’s hope he stays true to that.

Giggs Departure

The question about his youth record was starting with the fact that Giggs has left the club and he epitomises United’s record of promoting youth players.

Mourinho says that is was Ryan’s decision to leave the club because he wants to be a manager.  The job that Giggs wanted at Manchester United is the one the club has given to Jose.

He says there comes a time when every coach or assistant manager decides they want to be a manager and Ryan has taken that decision.

Mourinho says there will always be a role for Ryan at Manchester United should he wish to return while he’s still at the club.

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