Manchester United 4 Life Facebook Group

Manchester United 4 Life

By Paul Stemp

  • Manchester United 4 Life admin Paul gives us the background info on the most popular Manchester United Facebook group

Like most people online these days, I was a member of a number of supporters groups on Facebook but I felt they were not always the best reflection of our great club. Too much spam, wishing for old players to come back while disrespecting our current squad, people being told they are not fans because they are not from Manchester and so on.

When SAF retired and Moyes was named as the next manager, I knew the next chapter in our clubs history was going to be a big one. The 13/14 was hard to take and being online that season was my idea of hell.

Finally the season ended and over a pint or 4 down the pub, I spoke with a couple of fellow reds and we decided “Let’s give this Facebook group thing a go”.

United was all our lives and so it wasn’t a huge stretch to come up with the name Manchester United 4 Life (MU4L).

The next day the group was born. We wanted to stand apart from the other groups on Facebook and so set 3 basic principles.

  1. Respect for all
  2. Educate the world
  3. Make it fun.

Group set up rules in place I went to bed that night thinking “Great, a space in the world for me and my red Facebook friends to chat with no worries of City and Liverpool fans getting in the way of a distant chat”.

I Woke in the morning to get ready for work and like most people do, I looked at my phone and had 100’s of notifications. What are these I thought….. Clicked into the group and 150 requests to join. Who were these people? Where are they from? Not to worry let’s accept them and welcome them to the group.

Amazing 150 new friends but they were from all over the world. India, Thailand, Germany, USA and we all shared the same passion! Next morning and again the same 150 requests to join…. This is still going on 1 year later but we have had to learn to grow and change along the way and today we have 90000 reds from over 150 countries who all get involved. The world is red!

1 year on it is still hard to believe what was created over a pint but it truly shows the global reach of our great club and I would like to think MU4L has gone someway to making fans from around the world feel more engaged with the club they love. We are not arrogant; just better.

To run a group this size is no longer a 3 man job and we now have a team of 15 dedicated admin from across the world who all work together to create a great experience for the members of the group.

From historical posts written by our teams in house oracle to daily quiz’s and of course everything that comes with pre and post-match day our aim to be a community for reds for everyone like no other.

What does the future hold for MU4L? 100000 members is our next target and then we would look to the club to possibly be recognised as an official members group but either way win lose or draw we will always be United.

Manchester United 4 Life facts:

Born 1st August 2014

Fastest growing group on Facebook with on average 1000 new members a week

Members from over 150 countries

Admin team that follows the sun, so someone is always available to help our members

Moderated group to ensure the group is for members from 10-100

We are always interested in hearing from reds from across the world so come get involved

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  1. Great place to extend your Manchester United family, if you want to become part of the best United group on Facebook this is the place to be

  2. I have been in this group from its inception. It has been a roller coaster ride for us. The best part of this group is the unity, here we have a family of 90k members from across the world staying United as one with daily dose of knowledge and lots of fun.

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