Is The International Break Over Yet??

I hate international breaks especially when England are playing pointless games against pubs teams, now I’m not England’s biggest supporter but I will watch them if they are playing against decent opposition. What is the point in them playing the last two games they have because everyone knew England were going to win especially the two countries they were playing against. I can’t see how it helps these smaller countries develop as a footballing nation when their getting beat every game and just playing with 11 men behind the ball and not even trying to attack and score.

The main talking point to come out of the two England is the fact that Raheem Sterling told the England Manager he was tired and this is the reason why he didn’t start him against Estonia. Now I have no issue with a player saying he’s tired but if this is in fact the case, why play him at all because these are two matches we should be able to win without him. Also I don’t think Roy Hodgson should have revealed the nature of things that Sterling has told him in private. Sterling has been hung out to dry by Hodgson. Sterling is now going to get abuse from rival supporters and this isn’t going to help a 19 year old boy. He should be left to get on with his football.

Hodgson + Sterling
Hodgson + Sterling

Now from my point of view and I think a lot of Manchester United supporters point of view whenever we come to an International break, I think our first thought is how many days is it till the next United match. Then our second thought is I hope none of our players on International duty get injured. Of course we want our players to perform well and help their countries win as long as they come back to United healthy.

We went into this International break with a lot of our players still being out injured so hopefully this break will have given these players time to get back to fitness in time for next game against West Brom on Monday 20th October. Especially those players in the defensive areas of the team. I really hope that Michael Carrick is back for this game as I think he could be important in some of the bigger games we’ve got coming up against Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. I think in these matches we could probably play Carrick And Blind in front of the defence. Carrick could be an important player in our midfield because he’s someone that looks after the ball and can also find that killer pass for the more attacking players in our team.

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