ICYMI: Sir Alex Ferguson – Secrets Of Success

Secrets Of Success

By Andy Hyslop

  • Sir Alex Ferguson – Secrets of Success was aired on BBC One on Sunday night
  • The programme features Sir Alex talking about his management style

Here it is ICYMI, Sir Alex Ferguson – Secrets of Success. I think this programme demonstrates how lucky we have been as Manchester United fans to have had this great man at our club. He had a single-mindedness to do whatever he thought was the right thing for Manchester United.

This video is courtesy of YouTube channel RedDevilsLatest

I think many aspects of his management we already knew. Well you would if you have read his previous autobiographies.

Of course we all know about the famous hairdryer treatment of his players if he didn’t think they were performing up to the standard he expected of them. Like any leader though he realised that he couldn’t treat every player the same.

Some players would react well to be bawled at whilst others would go it there shell. He realised this because he knows his players aren’t robots, they were human beings and he treated them as such. Though they would always know who was in charge.

This is why all sorts of leaders around the world respect and admire Sir Alex Ferguson. Whether they be other football managers, politicians or leaders in the business world. Because his principles of leadership can be applied to any industry worldwide.

As Manchester United fans, we need to appreciate the man that he is and what he has done for our club. he dedicated nearly 30 years of life to our great club. Always striving to make us better. Now sometimes he failed. United and Sir Alex didn’t win everything. But he always made sure that the club bounced back from disappointment.

A lot of managers, head coaches or trainers. Whatever you want to call them. Only focus on the first-team. If the first-team is successful then that’s all that matters. But as soon as Sir Alex arrived at Old Trafford he was intent on building a football club.


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