Have We Lost Our Identity????

We sold Danny Welbeck, one player that has come through the academy at Manchester United and the fact we spent in excess of £150million in the transfer market over the summer transfer winder and this great club is losing its identity of bringing academy players into the first team. Danny Welbeck isn’t the first player to come our academy to sold and certainly he won’t b the last. I think the reason why a big deal has been made of us selling Danny is that everyone knows he is a Manchester lad who has grown as a Manchester United and was always his dream to pull on that famous red shirt.

We have had a academy player in our match day squad for every competitive game since October 1937 that is at last calculation after the game against Everton this weekend in The Premier League a staggering 3708 games. To me that is an amazing fact for any club in world but for it be Manchester United one of the biggest club in the world. Especially for us to carry it on when we are a multi billion pound organisation is just staggering to me. We finished Sundays game against Everton with four academy graduates on the pitch if you include Rafael with a further three not featuring from the bench. So that’s a total of seven academy graduates in our latest match day squad. Not too bad for a club that is losing its identity of promoting players from the academy. My believe is that if a player is good enough he will get his chance in the first team because what is the point in spending millions on a player if you already have someone there who can do a job for you.

Of course our greatest academy graduate is of course Ryan Giggs who is the most decorated player in English Football history. He holds the record for the most competitive appearances for our club having played an amazing 963 games for this great club. A record that I can’t see being beaten ever because players just stay at one for their whole careers anymore. He retired with 13 Premier League Titles, 4 Fa Cup, 3 League Cup and 2 Champions League Winners Medals. He of course is now the assistant manager and manager after that will be the manager. So I think as long as he is at the club we will always have academy graduates in our first team because Giggs more than anyone knows what the traditions of Manchester United really are.

Two of the biggest critics of United on this subject are two men who have had a recent affiliation with the football club, these two men are Eric Harrison and Mike Phelan. I know they are just worried for the future of the club but I don’t believe they have anything to be worried about. I think Harrisons argument who coached the class of 92 is that we have sold a young player who is part of the heart and soul of the club and replaced him with a big money signing in Radamel Falcao who wont care about the club as much as someone who may been at the club from a young age. I actually believe that Welbeck was actually let go so we can give more game time to probably one of the most exciting talents to come out of our academy in years in James Wilson. I think Phelans believe that the club will buy rather than produce is nonsense because as I said earlier I believe that any player who is deemed good enough will be given a chance, I believe this should apply at any club not just Manchester United.

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