George Best: The Movie

George Best

By Andy Hyslop

George Best is a Manchester United legend, one of the greatest players ever to grace the turf at Old Trafford. Some people even say he was the greatest player ever play this game we call football.

George Best: The Movie will be a wonderful story because it is not the story of his Manchester United days, and all the ups and downs that entailed. But this is the story of his life.

George Best: The Movie – Fan Funding

This project, has been setup on fan funding site Tifosy. To enable this great story to be told the makers have set a target of £500,000 to be raised by midnight on November 12 2015. Anyone who contributes to this movie can claim a number of exclusive rewards. These rewards have set out depending on how much you wish to contribute. They range from certificate of your contribution, a copy of the screenplay, behind the scenes on set photographs. The more you contribute the move you will receive.

If you are able to contribute £300 to the project, you can get tickets to the London Premiere (there is only a limited number of tickets). Fancy being an extra in the movie? This can be yours for £750. We realise that everyone can’t afford to part with that sort. Whatever you contribute, you will be able to say that you were part of George Best: The Movie.

To find out more and contribute to this great project visit Tifosy – George Best: The Movie Contribution Page

Anything you can do to help get this movie made, whether it s making a contribution or whether its just sharing this article so more know about this great project.

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