End Of Season Report Part III

Manchester United 2014/15

Time for the third and final instalment of our season review. In this part Dan reviews the performances of our strikers and the manager Louis Van Gaal.

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End Of Season Report Part IIIRooney (CDM/FW) – 5.5/6.75 – The Captain. In time, Rooney may be a good holding midfielder. But that time is not now. His best position is up front and while he can play in a two man line, he seems to do better on his own. United look plenty better when Rooney is out of the midfield and up top, though this was a bit of a quiet season for him. He was far and away the best option of the forwards, but he seemed to be lacking his killer finish for the most part. Sure he had some great goals, but, to me, he looked off his normal self in terms of finishing and overall play. His work rate is still there and I think he is a good captain, but next year, he needs to be more than that. I’m confident he will be.

Van Persie (FW) – 4.5 – The hero of just a couple years ago has receded into a shadow of himself. Most of the time on the pitch, he seems disinterested, that everyone else is to blame for his lack of anything.

Falcao (FW) – 5.25 – I’m sure some won’t agree with this number and, in truth, performance wise, the ranking is bit high. It’s a shame. He was coming over a huge injury and nothing fell his way. But you can’t fault this guy’s effort. Every time he was on the pitch, you can see how hard he was trying, how badly he wanted things to go right. Unfortunately, it just never happened. What’s even more unfortunate is that next season, wherever Falcao ends up, he’ll probably be on his way back to his best. He’s a great player and was a great professional and all the luck to him in the future, as long as it’s not against United.

hi-res-f43bdae9d809feff309e6a92f5dcc647_crop_north-1421235361Van Gaal – 7 – I support Van Gaal and will continue to do so, as I will for whomever is in charge. The goal of top four was achieved and for that, I am grateful as I let out a huge sigh of relief. For all the talk of the Dutch at the World Cup, I wasn’t as sold on Van Gaal as some were. I did like that he had enough self confidence that fit in at Manchester United, a stark contrast from the sheepish Moyes. I also liked that he was successful with all his other clubs. So, yes, I was excited and optimistic, but I was also wary. I think both my feelings were right. There was the great, the good, the bad, and the oh so terrible. He stuck with formations and players that clearly were not working, he left players out of the side that should’ve been starting all along. He turned outcasts into heroes, he has started to bring the fear factor back to Old Trafford. He has had the team playing absolutely boring football and ruthless attacking football. He’s played players horribly out of position, but he’s found a lot of what doesn’t work. There are highs and lows in every season and this was no different. He has grown on me throughout the season and I’m looking forward to the summer and next season. But truth be told, this team should have had no doubts about being in the top four. What would have happened if Liverpool had a real striker? Or Tottenham played Kane from day one? What then? Luckily we don’t have to live in a world of what ifs. Manchester United are back in the Champions League where they belong. Van Gaal is partially responsible for this, as are the players, and all the staff at the club. The manager has achieved the goal set by the club. But now is the time for him to make his mark, to bring in the players he wants, have a full preseason, and have United playing his philosophy. He asked us to judge him after three months, I’ll judge him after this next season. United are on the up.

So that does it for my rankings. Whether you agree or disagree, love them or hate them, I hope you enjoyed reading my take. The goal of the season has been achieved. Now we move on to the next step, challenging for titles again.

Thank You For Reading and Please Give Us Your Thoughts

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