Chicharito Denies Statement On Van Gaal And United Exit


By Andy Hyslop

  • A statement claimed to be Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez account as to why he left United has been going around social media in past few days.
  • The player has denied that ever made the statement on Van Gaal and his exit from Old Trafford

While Manchester United have been short of goals this season, one striker Louis Van Gaal let go has been scoring for fun in Germany. That player is Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.

As the pressure grows on Van Gaal from some fans, there has been a statement going round social media from Chicharito as to why he left United.

Alleged Statement

After missing the penalty (previous rounds of the UEFA Champions League) knew that van Gaal looked angrily Giggs knew I had lost my place in the team. . In the dressing room, van Gaal told me ‘if you can not score a penalty, I doubt you can score in a game. “Later that day, I called his office and told me I had offers on the table and had to choose one . I went home and cried for the third time as Manchester United I cried. I loved Manchester, but there was nothing to do because van Gaal did not believe in me. I had offers from the United States, three offers from the Premier League and offers Germany . There was nothing I could do. Van Gaal told me that did not fit his philosophy. The idea of facing the United made ​​me choose to Bayer Leverkusen. I’m still in touch with everyone. They are all great players and friends are especially that They played in the era of Sir Alex. David de Gea is my best friend and we talked on the phone every day. I am also in contact with Carrick and Young. We talk every day and I can say that veteran players are not happy. If I had the chance to play with Manchester United would, of course, but right now, I’m very happy and am enjoying my life in Germany.

The player has spoken about his limited opportunities under Van Gaal and some fans have taken this statement as read, especially those that don’t want Van Gaal in charge of Manchester United but the player has taken to Twitter to dismiss the statement.

The player also retweeted the link to this article that details the statement and that he denies he ever said it.


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