An Intro For The New Contributor

New Contributor
Hey everyone! I’m Dan, a new contributor to the Sir Alex Way Blog. I’m very excited to get started (even though this season is almost over) and thought I’d start with a little intro post. I’m from New Jersey in the US and have been playing soccer (sorry! that’s what we call it over here, but I’ll gladly call it football if everyone is more comfortable with that) since I was 2 and have loved it since then. I can’t say exactly when I started following Manchester United, but I know it was sometime in the Beckham era. In my earlier years, football (soccer) wasn’t too huge in the States. We had the beginning of the MLS (go MetroStars!) and the World Cup. Other than those though, it wasn’t really broadcast much so I didn’t really get fully immersed until they finally wised up and began showing the English Premier League.
I’ve been an addict ever since. Being a Beckham fan, it was only natural to support the Red Devils; not to mention, they were playing the best at that time. I feel lucky that I did. Through all the (infrequent) lows of my years have been (countless) incredible highs. I’ve skipped many classes in college to watch the midweek games, but haven’t been able to the last few years because it’s not “socially acceptable” in the “real, adult world.” Since ESPNFC, Fox Soccer, and NBC Sports haven’t come through with job offers, I’m still currently an accountant, hoping every day to hear from one of them, or United, to offer me any sort of job. Soccer has been my only passion since I was young, but I recently have found reading and writing to be important to me. It’s my hope that all the knowledge I have of the game can come through in my writing. (side-note: I do currently also have my own blog which I started at the beginning of this season:
I’m unfortunately not playing at the moment due to a severe back injury (herniated discs), but just like we all knew of United last year, I will be back. For now, I live through the games even more. As I live through United, so too does United live through me. I love this sport and I am United forever. I’m excited to be a part of this blog and hope you all like what I bring. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.
ps. Sorry this was longer than you, or even I, might have expected ha.
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